Story of An Artist:

My creative endeavours are born out of a combination of my education, training and experience, allowing my perspective as an artist to remain traditional, yet contemporary.  Art is how I battle the indifference of humans, seeking new ways of viewing the world.


My formal education encompasses, studies and workshops with many top artists in Canada and the U.S..  University Studies in Art History, Painting Restoration and Conservation, Drawing & Painting The Academy of Realist Art, Toronto & Commercial Photography at  Dawson Institute of Photography, in Montreal, Canada. I have also studied under some of the top artists in U.S.A. and Canada.

I teach Classical Realism techniques in both drawing and painting, focusing on formal training in drawing and painting techniques and melding it with French Impressionistic Influence.

With these techniques we can then strive to paint and draw from direct observation of nature.

Many of my students have never picked up a paint brush in their lives, and are totally delighted when they discover, when given the tools and know how, that they can create beautiful paintings.  They key here is, simplify, and when given the proper direction and step by step approach, it can all come together beautifully.  I use the Old Master's approach, and techniques, and classical academic methods. I use the examples of Old Master Paintings, and in the early stages, discourage the use of photographs.
Studying from the Old Master's paintings is like studying from the Master himself, only I am there to guide. This methodology is assimilated to one playing the piano, one does not create their own pieces while learning to play, but need to learn the notes, and hear the sounds, and imitate, and only then, does the creative aspect begin to emerge.
So, as in learning music, I do not encourage a new student to create original work, as they first need to have the tools, to create art.  These tools would be the knowledge of : Aerial Perspective, Linear Perspective, Values, Colour, Colour Mixing, various tools and their uses, such as palette knives, brushes, and supports.  Drawing is not necessarily a pre-requisite, however,with the use of techniques, and specific exercises, one can learn to draw, as one can learn to write.

Art Exhibitions 

Lanthier House, Kirkland

Lakeshore Artists

Dorval Artists Association

Montreal Women's Arts Society

Hudson's Artists 

Le Chenail Hawkesbury

Arbor Gallery

A.A.E.A. American Assoication of Equine Artists Juried show

Member of



Women's Arts Society Montreal

Workshops & Classes

Old Master's Workshop /Fernando Freitas, A.R.A. previously Michael John Angel Academy

Life Drawing in Charcoal / Fernando Freitas, A.R.A. previously Michael John Angel Academy

Bargue Drawings / Fernando Freitas, Currently A.R.A. previously Michael John Angel Academy

In the Studio of Bougereau / David Gluck

Portrait Painting  & Still Life Painting/ Numael Pulido & Shirley Pulido ( Several workshops)

Portrait Painting / Juan Martinez

Prud'Honne Drawing  Studies/ Marco

Frank Covino / Old Master Techniques/Portrait Painting

Frank Covino/ Sculpture - Bas Relief 

David Gray/ Portrait Painting from Life

Portrait Painting from Life / Fernando Freitas

 The Studios of Numael and Shirley Pulido

Sadie Valerie Atelier

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